What is inter-visitation?

We are all seekers of Truth, each in our own way, on our own paths, and thankfully we have chances to make sure that those paths cross from time-to-time. Inter-visitation is the practice of visiting between communities to strengthen the bonds of relationship and learn and grow together with Divine guidance.

Some intervisitation occurs between communities that share a lot similarity, but other instances occur between groups of Friends who have differing approaches to Quaker theology and expression. Negotiating both our likenesses and our differences can prove to be challenging, but extremely growthful work.

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Past events/programs that have happened, the reports/feedback from them:

Report from the 2010 YAF Inter-visitation Consultation

Quaker College Intervisitation by Carl Sigmond for Friends Journal and for The Fell, Haverford College’s Quaker newsletter

Friends in Northwest US gather together for worship

Quaker Youth Pilgrimage makes a stop at Camas Friends Church

-Ongoing opportunities for inter-visitations

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Intervisitation Committee

New England Yearly Meeting Ministry & Counsel Intervisitation & Traveling Ministries Program

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Intervisitation Page

Friends World Committee on Consultation Section of Americas Visitation Program

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