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Our purpose and passion is to lead our people worldwide to live so close to Jesus Christ that we will worship, serve and obey God as faithful witnesses. We live and die for the cause of fulfilling the Great Commission in the spirit of the Great Commandment. We exist to fuel a worldwide multiplication movement of worshipping, God-glorifying Evangelical Friends Churches through evangelism, leadership development and missionary-sending.

Many Young Adult Friends have served as Friends missionaries across the world.

Friends United Meeting (FUM) Young Adult Page

A web page about Friends United Meeting’s ministry with Young Adult Friends

Friends World Committee for Consultation -Section of the Americas (FWCC-SOA) Youth Programs   

Answering God’s call to universal love, FWCC brings Friends of varying traditions and cultural experiences together in worship, communications and consultation, to express our common heritage and our Quaker message to the world. This is a link to their youth-related programs.

QuakerQuaker is a community of Friends exploring Primitive Christianity Revived: plain witness, ministry, beliefs. Quaker blogs, photos, videos & gatherings. This links directly to their Young Adult related content.

Quaker Voluntary Service (QVS)

Quaker Voluntary Service equips the work and witness of Friends by providing support to a network of Quaker service communities.  We support this network by providing centralized access to information about projects, and we assist in the creation and distribution of resources for program development and vocational discernment. We assist with recruitment of potential volunteers and outreach to service partners, help with fundraising and organizational development, and support the creation of new service houses and other service opportunities.

The first service house started in 2012 in Atlanta, GA and, in the fall of 2013, two more houses will open in Philadelphia, PA and Portland, OR.

Quaker Voluntary Service Chicago

Quaker Volunteer Service is a program supporting volunteers in following their leadings for full-time work for peace, justice and community within a framework of Quaker spirituality. The program is organized by the Quaker Volunteer Service Committee, with support from 57th Street Meeting of Friends in Chicago and other Friends’ Meetings. Quaker Volunteers serve for at least one year with community-based organizations (or in other service arrangements), doing peace and justice work and community building as they are individually led by the Spirit, with the guidance and support of the Quaker Volunteer Service Committee and a liaison committee with membership from participating Quaker Meetings

Quakers Uniting In Publications (QUIP) Youth Book Projects

Quakers uniting in the ministry of the written word, this links to their latest youth book, with content from Young Adult Friends from all over the world.

The Young Adult Leadership Development (YALD) program at Pendle Hill 

This program is designed for young people serious about serving as leaders in their communities, developing the tools for social transformation, and living a life grounded in God’s Spirit. 

Pendle Hill is a center of God’s work in transforming the world. Pendle Hill nurtures the life and witness of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) through worship, work, study and service. It welcomes those of all spiritual paths.

Young Adult Friends Leadership Institute (YAFLI)

YAFLI supports Quaker organizations seeking qualified young adults for board service or seeking support for young adults currently on their board and supports young adult Quakers preparing for service on a Quaker board or currently serving on the board of a Quaker organization YAFLI Facebook group


Quaker Workcamps over the last eighty years have been a way for Quakers and non-Quakers to serve in communities around the world through community-building, spiritual groundness, and physical work

African Great Lakes Initiative (AGLI)- Every summer volunteers, ages 8 to 70 + work alongside Africans in small workcamps for a month in the Great Lakes region of Africa (Burundi,Kenya, and Rwanda).

Ben Lomand Quaker Center offers workcamps in the summer for middle school students and up for several weeks each summer.

Friends Disaster Service is a name of several Yearly Meeting ministries.

Evangelical Friends Eastern Region

North Carolina YM (FUM): Contact Wiley or (336) 679-8466

Rocky Mountain YM

Friends United Meeting (FUM) offers occasional workcamps to Cuba,Kenya, Ramallah,Palestine, and in the US.

Western Quaker WorkcampsOrganizes workcamps in Western US and northern Mexico during the whole year. Most sites are rural Native American communities.  Contact: Mike Gray mikelgray@att.netfor more information

Woolman Work Camps are located on the Woolman Semester School campus in Nevada City, Ca. By joining us in community during the summer to play music, clear brush, put on new roofs, swim in the Yuba River, play in the garden, create delicious meals and paint buildings; you are directly contributing to the longevity of our school. This is a time to work alongside others who believe in the possibility of a peaceful, creative world.

Youth Service Opportunities Project – Runs programs for youth and college groups inWashingtonDC andNew York City providing direct service to homeless people.

Additional websites to visit about Quaker Workcamp programs:

Quaker Info


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