Tools for Discernment

Eldering List– This is an experiment to help connect ministers to resources for eldering. Our hope with this document that Young Adults feeling a call to minister can find support.

Queries for Worship/Worship Sharing A Google Doc that you can add Queries to use for opening worship or for use in worship groups. is a project of Earlham College’s Newlin Center for Quaker Thought and Practice that offers a wonderful array of tools for discernment, including the Discern-o-matic!

Five Tests for Discerning a True Leading By Hugh Barbour is a classic of Quaker discernment, available online thanks to the Tract Association of Friends

Clearness Committees -What They Are and That They Do is a resource from Friends General Conference.

QuakerJane’s Resource for Quaker Discernment  – offers an extensive exploration of the key questions and phases of discernment, and how Quakerism can address them.’s Curation of Clearness and Discernment  is a collection of blog posts that deal with issues of divine guidance: decision-making, holy obedience and personal stories of coming under the Spirit’s sway.

George Fox University’s Congressional Discernment Project is designed to help Christian congregations find ways to come to unity around a common sense of Christ’s leading—regardless of church polity and organizational structure. It has some good tips for individuals as well as congregations.

Bruce Bishop’s Pamphlet on Corporate and Individual Discernment has been generously made available online by George Fox University.

Charles J. Conniry, Jr. ‘s Pamphlet on Corporate and Individual Discernment has also been generously made available online by George Fox University.

Loyola Marymount University’s Resource for Making Decisions has a collection of 6 essays that, while not Quaker, are very useful for faith-based discernment on the individual level.

An Episcopalian Process for Personal Discernment is a great 2-page pamphlet outlining a comprehensive process of personal discernment, with the help of a small group.

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