Build It! Toolkit – Publication of Friends General Conference Youth Ministries Committee to encourage intergenerational activities in meetings and churches.

Coming into Friendship as a Gift – A Young Adult Friend’s journey to Quakerism

Finding Christ in the Quaker Church: The Not-So-Peculiar Stories of Young Friends – An upcoming book edited by Jamie Johnson, a Professor at George Fox University, featuring stories of Young Adult Friends whose pursuit of Christ has led them to the Quaker (Friends) church.

Spirit Rising: Young Quaker Voices – An anthology of writings by Quaker youth and Young Adult Friends from around the world.

Unlikely DiscipleA Young Adult, who was raised Quaker, spends a semester at Liberty University, an evangelical university founded by Rev. Jerry Falwell.

Whispers of Faith: Young Friends Share Their Experience of Quakerism – A 2005 book by Quaker Uniting in Publications, edited and written by Young Friends (ages 13-20) from across the world.

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