Pamphlets and Documents

Called Into Being – A talk given by Kody Hersh, a YAF living in West Philadelphia, about being called into ministry. Part of a series by Beacon Hill Friends House.

A Challenge to All Friends: Listen to the Light of Christ, and Then Act – A talk given by Cherice Bock, a YAF from Northwest Yearly Meeting, about Quaker spirituality and identifies ways in which each branch of Friends could be better centered and empowered to do God’s work in the world.

Clothe Yourself in Righteousness – A project by Maggie Harrison and Jon Watts that includes Maggie’s writing and Jon’s music.

A Modest Proposal – A Proposal by Brent Bill about how to revitalize Quakerism.

The Quake – a monthly periodical dedicated to the stories and voice of young adults (16-35) of the Religious Society of Friends around the world.

Pendle Hill Pamphlets – A series of pamphlets on a variety of topics published by Pendle Hill since 1934.

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